Saturday, 14 December 2013

Scapa Flow, Skaill House and Skara Brae, Orkney

These are not the best pictures but I have them so I'll share. You definitely felt history here.

WW1 German scuttled ships

To the left of the pole on zoom you can see a orange buoy and on 14 October 1939, under the command of Günther Prien, U-47 penetrated Scapa Flow and sank the WWI–era battleship HMS Royal Oak anchored in Scapa Bay.[7] After firing its first torpedo, the submarine turned to make its escape; but, upon realising that there was no immediate threat from surface vessels, it returned for another attack. The second torpedo blew a 30-foot (9 m) hole in the Royal Oak, which flooded and quickly capsized. Of the 1,400-man crew, 833 were lost.

There is another buoy in this picture which if I remember correctly is where some of the German WW1 fleet lies.

Scapa Flow where the German High Seas fleet scuttled itself after WW1. It was also the base of the British fleet during WW1 and WW2.
The platform in  the water marks a scuttled WW1 German destroyer

Embroidery by WW1 German naval POW's at Skaill House

A Russian Civil War Bolshevik banner at Skaill House

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Reconstructed Neolithic House at Skara Brae
Inside roof of reconstructed Neolithic house at Skara Brae


A dresser

A comfy bed?


  1. Hi there. I'm interested to see that you describe the German flag as having been embroidered by a German POW in WWI. Were you told this during your tour?
    I am a tour guide in Orkney and regularly take groups to Skaill House and have never heard this version before - although it seems plausible.
    The official line states that this flag was created by Col. Scarth's great aunt, a member of the Scharbau family. But it also states that it shows the coat of arms of Lubeck, which it very clearly does not!
    The German Imperial flag below, with the national flag and Kriegsmarine flag above.
    I quite like the idea of this having been created by a POW but can you remember where you heard that?

  2. I heard it from a lady guide who I think was a retired teacher from the island.

  3. Righto, thanks. I think I know who that was so will ask her!

    1. Let me know if my memory is faulty.