Saturday, 12 November 2016

7TV Director

I have joined the 7TV Directors initiative promoted by Crooked Dice. In exchange for promoting the rules I had the option to buy a set of rules and 2 starter packs, or 4 starter packs for half price. Don't mind if I do. I mentioned it to my club mates who were interested but having not played this type of game before I had no takers in joining me in this offer so I plumped for 4 starter packs. Now the beauty of being a Director is that for each monthly AAR I send Crooked Dice they will generously give my £5 until I have paid off my £30 investment. After that the following month after sending in an AAR I and hopefully by now my converted club mates will get 20% off for that month.

This deal was well timed as I am busy planning my first introductory game of second edition 7TV. I will not have time to paint my beautiful new coppers (to bolster my existing forces of law), army (destined to represent UNIT), minions (minions ... resisted getting heads to make them Robomen, but I foresee an appearance in a Blakes 7 game), and Action cast (Blakes 7 again, and spyfi).

The intro game in production will be episode 3 of my Christmas series. This time Santa (my version of) is coming out to play!


  1. Am interested to see what you think of second edition. We prefer the 1st still and have great fun with it. 2nd seems Be be less encompassing with set character cards, also our club feedback was the rules in places are not to well written.

    1. The character cards are not set you can obviously create your own and tweak the existing ones. The Cards just make it that little bit more pick up and play friendly. It also prevents power play like in first where you could bump defense to 5 etc

  2. I'll be picking cards that best fit my casts for the Christmas game.