Wednesday, 19 October 2016

One of my helpers has moved on

It's not enough that I have 9 draft posts to finish but yesterday evening Mrs Grigork and I had to say goodbye to one of my wargaming helpers. Jess gave us great joy over her 12.5 years with us and over the course of half a day the minor complaint we thought we were having checked out at the vets turned in to something terminal. She didn't suffer and lived her live to the full as only a cat can.

I'll miss her sharping her claws on fields, biting bayonets, tapping figures on to the floor, biting trees, putting her nose into everything left uncovered, making the space cloth hairy and last but not least the famous flock/litter tray debacle, quickly followed by the basing sand tray disaster (all trays were on shelves high up on a book case).

Jess checking the Soviet approach 

The sniper is here. My opponent hadn't noticed until the team was pointed out.

Fields my favourite

Jess not approving of Full Thrust

I still haven't finished these


  1. Sorry to hear it :( May her successor be every bit as charming.

  2. So sorry to hear of her passing. I know how important cats are to any home.

  3. Sorry to hear of the passing of your harshest critic. Who will look on in despair at your tactical and painting blunders now?

    RIP Jess

  4. Sorry for your loss of Jess, always hard when you lose family member.
    Sounds like she was quite the model maker. Was she creating rough ground or swamps in your sand/flock trays?

  5. Always so sad but you seem to be remembering her with a smile which is the way it should. I have two so can relate :-)


  6. I feel for you, sir, and am very sorry for your loss. We lost both of our older dogs (17 is a good long run) in the last month and it is always hard when you lose a family member, even those of the furbaby variety. I have found that an immortalization in miniature is helping, as both my pups will be appearing as Anubis type statues in a lost temple for pulp and sci-fi games. Perhaps Jess wouldn't mind being the face of an ancient cat-god?

  7. Commiserations on your loss..... the passing of a dude cat can be deeply wounding. I'll raise a glass to her memory.

  8. Sorry for your loss dude. Its always gutting to lose a furry friend. My thoughts are with you all :(