Tuesday, 5 May 2015

It's a sign

While clearing up rubble I finally found something really old. Previously I'd found cigarette packets that seemed old but were probably post WW2, and the oldest newspaper was from the 1970s. This time it's a snippet of a newspaper. What delighted me was that it mentions one of my favourite gaming periods the Anglo-Zulu war 1879 - which I assume makes this paper contemporary.

Is it a sign I should finally get around to painting my Zulus and British? or does the mention of the Afghan war and the fact the Perrys are going to bring out plastic British suitable for this period mean I need to branch out into a new period!


  1. Theatre pieces on the back are revealing. It mentions Charles Wyndham of the Criterion theatre which he managed from 1876 to 1899. The play Betsy also appears to date from around 1888 so it looks like they are looking back at events a decade before.

    You need both Zulu War and Afghan War, of course!

    1. Thanks for the info. The play was on in 1879 as well. Would you believe the theatre has a website with an archive on old shows: http://www.criterion-theatre.co.uk/documentdownload.axd?documentresourceid=9. The internet is a wonderful thing.

    2. Theatre archivists always seem very thorough for some reason.