Sunday, 5 April 2015

Toy knights completed

I have finished painting my cousins' son's toy knights. All I have to do now is varnish them. I had debated dipping them to bring up the detail, but after a quick ask around the consensus was the brighter and hardier the better. Basically a 5 year old will not care about the detail. So once these are dry and the weather is a bit better I'll give them a couple of coats of varnish.

I must say I really enjoyed painting these.

The Green night leads his knights and their men at arms.

The Black knight and his evil henchmen and their followers.


  1. What a cracking load of models for your cousin, Grigork. I'd have thought he'd be absolutely delighted with these figures as you've done a great job of painting them up. Lovely stuff :-)

  2. These look fantastic. The basic models are pretty flaky (we have some at home) and cast in a really poor quality plastic, but you have worked wonders on them. It just goes to show etc..... I like the evil guys best of course.

  3. Well done, love the yellow and black colors...

  4. Nicely done. He'll be a happy wee chappy with all of these follows to play with!