Monday, 27 April 2015

2015-04-26 Conwy Wargames Club Force on Force game

This month Dave put on another 20mm Force on Force game set in 2010 in the fictional African country of Tangerine. Dave umpired, Tony commanded the US Marines and Pete was Mr Big.

The Scenario

A force of US Marines have been sent to capture or kill the King of Hearts. Sorry wrong pack of cards. They have been sent to capture  or kill Mr Big. The major source of what is wrong with Tangerine in US eyes. He's a drug lord, sponsor of terrorism, people trafficker, exporter of oranges with pips and the Defence Minister to boot.

The CIA intel states Mr Big is visiting his home village of Pipsville to review his charity operation 'Oranges are not the only fruit' which is a cover for his private militia.

(I may have embellished Dave's brief)

The Forces
The Oranges are not the only fruit (OANTOF)

US Marines
The Board

The Game
Mr Big in his favourite red pick up truck

US Marines spotted and Mr Big vanishes

US Marines get the first move

2 LVPT-7s full throttle in to the village taking fire from the hidden charity workers

1 LVPT-7 is suppressed (Dave still hasn't got markers!) and a squad of Marines jump out

The 2nd LVPT-7 also disembarks its' squad

The Toyota opens up

Avoiding the road the other LVPT-7's move in supported by dismounted Marines

After 3 hours of game play the US take a casualty and the squad takes cover behind the now knocked out LVPT-7. Perhaps the volume of fire indicates they've found Mr Big

Mr Big finally decides which of his 200 baseball caps he's going to wear and pops out of the house to congratulate his men on their first US casualty

The Charity workers swarm out to engage the US Marines

The Marines close in 

A flash in the sky may be a storm is coming

or not

US Marines exchange fire as they advance on Pipsville

An RPG gunners view

US casualties mount up. Coincidentally Tony had to leave early and turned command over to Dave. 

A LVPT-7 moves in on the centre of the village

The numbers of charity workers are thinning

The cross roads are contested

Hidden OANTOF take on the Marines in the open. 

Crucial measuring as night draws in

Aerial shot

US Marines ready to pull back. Mr Big has escaped

Workers continue firing from an Orange grove.

The end

Since neither side did a victory dance I'm not sure who won, but from the point of view that Mr Big was neither captured or killed it was definitely a failed US mission.

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  1. Great stuff Grigork. Really nice looking table and minis, and it must have taken you ages to post up so many piccies. I really like the format too with the words beneath the pictures. Definitely a blow to the US (imho) as they lost men and achieved nothing. I look forward to another attempt to get Mr Big in the future :-)