Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Conwy Wargames Club 15mm 1812 Bavarians vs Russians

There were 2 choices of game at the club meeting to be played side by side. The first to be set up was the 15mm Napoleonic game put on by Mel set in 1812 using the General De Brigade rules.

The scenario involved roughly equal forces of brigade strength. The Bavarians allies of the French needed to take a village. The Russians need to stop them.

The following captions and descriptions of the game are my interpretation of what I saw and heard. All errors are my memory and a strong drive to stitch a story together.

Bavarian brigade

Russian brigade. Their centre held by a battery in a redoubt.

Russian Hussars

Bavarian light horse

Bavarian infantry

Bavarian Jagers

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Bavarian general and staff

Bavarian attacks goes in to the village crammed with defending Russians

Is the village doomed?

Russian cossacks and Bavarian cavalry clash

Waiting Russians

The redoubt packed with one battery of Russian guns

The Russians surge out of the village and hit the Bavarian attack column

The Russians hold

Guns dominating the centre ground of the battlefield.

Bavarian jager bravely holding their baseline
Bavarian artillery.

The Bavarian plan was to avoid the artillery in the centre. Hold off the Russian cavalry and storm the village with all the infantry. It did not go well. The Russian cossacks managed to charge the Bavarian light horse in the flank and kept charging until they were run off the board. The Russians could then focus on the attack on the village and defeated the Bavarian assault.

A solid Russian win. Napoleon will not be reaching Moscow through this route!


  1. Nice report with great looking armies....congrats to the Russians!

  2. Nice report and armies. Out of interest, have you tried any other rule sets for 15mm Naps? It's a long term project for my gaming group, but we're not sure what rule set is best. Any recommendations?

    1. I have tried Shako, and some old school Charles Grant rules but my favourite is Blackpowder. I love the way they are written and the fluid game play they allow. You can size your game to the time you have and get a result e.g. 6x4 table evening or afternoon result, 12x6 a day. The command rules are fun and ensure you are not God like. The fact you need to say your order to your opponent creates conversation and removes ambiguity from play. You can still do sneaky moves or strategies. Lots of fun.

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