Sunday, 26 October 2014

Conwy Wargames Club

Today I paid a visit to the Conwy Wargames club, an informal group of like minded individuals. Some of the chaps I knew from my youth in the old LLADs days (Llandudno and District Wargamers Club). Some of them remembered my Dad who'd been a member. They meet every last Sunday of the month at roughly 12pm at the Colwyn Bay Sea Sports and Social club. Bigger games are played at players homes.

I didn't play because I mainly just wanted to introduce myself, and the rules they were using I wasn't familiar with. I forgot to take photos which was a shame as the Saga war bands looked great, and the ACW skirmish figures were pretty. The rules being used for the ACW skirmish were WRG's Fire and Steel.

I found them a very friendly bunch open to playing any rules and interested in most of the periods I like, and they've played most of the rules I like and use the rules I fancy trying. I look forward to getting some games in.

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