Sunday, 19 October 2014

Black Powder Rebellion!

I have been very much enjoying the Black Powder American War of Independence supplement 'Rebellion!'. I think it the best one Warlord Games have produced so far for these rules. The book contains a good overview of the history and the main campaigns, plus includes a wealth of details on organisation and uniforms. In fact regardless of the scenarios and lists the book together with the rule book is almost a one stop shop to go out and buy, paint and play this great period.

I say great period, it was not until I read an article on the battle of Manhattan (my description rather than perhaps histories) then this supplement that I realised that it could be fun to play. I mean the chance to change history and keep America British and the potential for parliamentary change in the UK as a result.

I inherited the start of any army for both sides I'll dust them off and see what I need to finish them off.

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