Sunday, 7 September 2014

Other Partizan Loot

I have returned from my jaunt and Partizan and even better I have returned with loot. While I wait for the photos to upload to the world wide web I thought I'd jot my thoughts down. The show was back in the old venue nice and dry, although it was another sunny day so they would have got away with the tent. The lighting in the main hall was poor as always and there were a few awkward choke points as we gamers started to clump together as we flowed around the show. By the time I left it was thinning out and nice and easy to walk around.

There were a lot of great looking games this year, prehaps more though than previous although the standard is always high. Lots of WW1 and as always my favourites will be given away by the number of photo allotted to them.

My verdict is a good show.

The loot:

Warlord Games Black Powder supplement Rebellion - great value for money, twice the size of their other supplements for the same price. High quality content and well written.

History of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers during the Napoleonic wars book - yet to flick through

Osprey Campaign book Kursk 1943 Northern front - looks good , great illustrations and purchased as it had a map of Ponyri which is a 2 day game I'm attending at Stafford Games in October.

2 packs of Zvezda 1/72 WW2 German mine sweepers for the game in October

Crooked Dice goodness - Ghostbuster types, latest Dr Who Doctor lookalikes including the John Pertwee looking chap. Wonderful models.

3 x Rapid Fire ready to roll PzIV's with side skirts - again for the game in October. I may not use them but with the move looming if I do need them I have more of a chance painting them than making and painting my PSC ones.

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