Sunday, 1 June 2014

Partisan hot hot hot

What a glorious day. I went early and queued to get in. The light was so much better than being in the hall, the great games really stood out. If you could guarantee the weather I would vote to have the tents again. I did get over hot, with the weather and the surprising crush of people. It actually crept up on me and suddenly I felt a bit wobbly and realised I needed to rehydrate. There was plenty of room in the tents the crush was caused by the show being busy. I didn't get to talk to many people for this reason which was a shame.

1. Will the tents give better light for photos than the hall?  Yes
2. Will I be able to park nearby since there is a venue clash (hence tent)? Easily

3. Will I need wellies? No - although if it rained then yes.

Photos to follow when I get my slot on the PC.


  1. Sounds positive all round, now on with the photos!