Sunday, 26 January 2014

2009 The Armoury, Trondeim, Norway - Renaissance to Napoleonic

My favourite display is of the ski trooper and the pictures of skirmish in the snowy woods.


  1. Wonderful finds, especially as I am ion the midst of a series on the Norwegian Army of the Napoleonic wars on my own blog. I don't know if it is possible to add some labels/descriptions to some of the pictures, especially those showing uniforms or standards?


  2. I've photographed all the blurbs that were on display, I think. I've checked that they are readable on zoom. I've just realised that the ability to zoom is dependent on what platform you're using. If there is a specific picture you can't read let me know. The answer may be delayed as I'm about to away from the internet for roughly 3 weeks.

    At some point when I have more time I'll add descriptions but I noticed having just checked that the uniforms just have a date rather than a regiment name. The flags are all Trondheim units.