Saturday, 18 January 2014

1990s Wargames show pictures

These pictures are either from the 1990s probably 1990 or 1991, and I think were taken at a wargames show in Stoke on Trent or South Cheshire Militaire in Crewe.

If anyone recognises where these were taken or any details of the games please let me know.

25mm Samurai game using Dixon miniatures

15mm Celt on Celt action
6mm modern (1990s) Sweden vs Norway

25mm Dr Who game. This reminds me of the games The Bunker put on today.

These pictures I think were taken at a show in Stoke on Trent.

28mm Fantasy

15mm Marlboroughian

20mm WW2 Eastern Front

25mm Sci Fi

25mm Romans vs Celts

15mm English Civil War

Wacky air combat game

28mm Games Workshop game with Space Marines, Tyranids and figures that were to become Necrons. It could be Space Crusade but I'm not sure. I played it and had great fun. The Space Marines had a weapon that could fire through troops and was only deadly after it bounced of a wall and came back. I loved that.

25mm Romans vs Celts


  1. Cant speak to the rest but that might be someone's homebrew, cos thats a space hulk board, with what look like space crusade minis, "chaos androids" and all...

  2. Photos 4 to 8 were at South Cheshire Militaire at Crewe, I recognise the tables and background.
    No 9 was my 15mm ECW. It looks like the Battle of Nantwich.

    This show was always mainly modelling, but back in the 90's I arranged for other clubs to bring games along and there were a few traders as well. I was with the group that met at the same place as the modellers.
    I had to stop doing this after a while because of work.

  3. Great pictures, I would have loved to see more of the Dr. Who game.

  4. Some excellent old pictures. This is the kind of gaming I wished I had done, but it was never to be.