Saturday, 18 May 2013

25/28mm Crimean War figures compatibility

I've been sussing out what figures work with which manufacturer for my 25mm to 28mm Crimean War armies. The majority of the growing collection is Wargames Foundry so my main criteria is that they need to fit in with these.

I like the look of Great War's range from North Star and Warlord Games figures. I found that both these ranges fit well with each other. The infantry of these ranges are approx. 1 to 2mm taller that Foundry figures. I have a Warlord Games British unit and to be honest when painted and based I struggled to tell which was which with Foundry. OK a closer inspection dispels this and the leaning forward of the Warlord figure helps with the height distance. Great War I don't own but I was able to to compare the figure with Foundry one at Sheffield Triples and I found the height difference the same as Warlord.

Cavalry compatibility is a different issue. I have both Foundry (the majority) and some Warlord samples. Warlord are larger, mainly due to the horse being bigger. Today I compares Foundry and Great War cavalry and again Great War were larger. Interestingly the Great War 17th Lancers were much bigger but the Russian Hussars in a less dramatic pose would probably work.

I'll post some photos of the Warlord and Foundry figures together.


  1. I will be curious to see the comparison pictures as having done the recent Great War charter pack with Nolan et al, I was aware they were considerably larger than my Foundry pieces exactly as you described. What I would really like is a hard plastic box set of the Heavies!

  2. I've posted the pictures now. Since I have the Light Brigade by Foundry I'll probably go with them. What I'd like is some hard plastic infantry. Warlord had mentioned plastic Russians but it's gone a bot quite on that.