Sunday 23 December 2012

Christmas game progress

In between all the Christmas festivities I've managed to finish the trees, although I may need more but I think time will decide that one. I have created the crash site and given it a coat of paint, after waving it over a heater for a bit as the PVA glue still hadn't dried properly. All I need to do now is work out of I can hide the join without spoiling the paint job. Ideally I should have hidden the join before painting but I didn't notice it so much until I painted it. I've also had a go at laying out the table and discovered that the white sheet is a little see through. This isn't a problem and could actually be an advantage. I will now layout normal terrain underneath which darkens the sheet colour and may all details such as a stream to show through. I will be experimenting more with the terrain before I decide final layout.

The crash site. As you can see I solved the possible issue of 5 year old modeling clay by not using it.  Having checked the clay it is actually still OK. However while making the trees I noticed that the off cuts of insulation  looked like a crater which gave me the idea to have the impact in to a hill.

It hit here ..

.. and made a big hole
.... that scattered rock everywhere.

The trees. The pines had their bases sealed with PVA the others didn't. You can just about see that the sealed tree bases are whiter. I was going to respray the none sealed bases but now that I know the sheet will not be such a brilliant white the contrast will not be as great. In fact if I get the bases whiter then I'll actually make them stand out more rather than blend in.

Impact crater with paint job. I sprayed the exposed rock black then  rock outside of the crater grey then  the areas I wanted as snow white. All paint so far has been from aerosol cans from various manufacturers.

Cliff face at the rear on the impact.

Inside the crater you can just make out the beads I placed in side  that I'll use to attempt to make it look like the rock melted and is still bubbling.
 So what's still left to do:

  • Layout board 
  • Episode(s) titles to be decided
  • Decide which episodes to play - now more confidently looking at 3 played in different sections of the board.
  • Create cast lists for: UNIT, North Pole Rescue Rangers and Moon Nazi's. Most of this is currently in my head, such as names the true work is to marry these up with stats. 
  • Decide on which event cards and gadgets to use. These are a must as they will be fun.
  • Paint the sleigh pilot
  • Finish painting the crash site.
  • Inform chums what figures they need to bring and provide Episode write ups pre-game.
  • Remember for health reasons not to forget any of the none wargaming tasks because you're having too much fun with the wargaming tasks.

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  1. oooooo coming along very nicely.

    Have a good Christmas sir