Sunday, 11 November 2012

2012-11-06 X Wing game

I had a gathering at my house last Tuesday to have some fun playing the X Wing game. Since there was 3 of us we decided to have 2 play and 1 observe check any rules needed. Since Chris and I had the game we could have been more adventurous we were keen to try out a scenario and perfect our knowledge of the rules. In my previous game with Chris we didn't try out target lock.

We picked the protection mission, where a Red squadron X Wing needed to protect the Senator's shuttle until it got off the board from the evil Empire's Tie Fighters.
Game 1 set up

Chris and I played first. I took the X Wing and opted to attack his Ties while my shuttle flew in a straight line to safety. Chris started out attacking my X wing then switched to the shuttle. In the excitement of getting my shuttle home free, I can't remember if he blew up my X wing or if I took out 1 Tie. Either way win for me!
Game 1 set up from the left.

The move we reminded ourselves how target lock worked.

Chris and Guy played next. Chris had the X wing and Guy the Ties. Guy opted to focus on the shuttle with a minimum of 1 Tie and the other switching focus from Chris's X wing and shuttle. Chris opted to defend the shuttle then go on the attack while the shuttle tried to bob and weave. No Ties were destroyed and the shuttle succumbed before reaching the safety of the board's edge.
Once learnt it got used. They're the cross markers.

The final game was myself as the Imperials against Guy. I opted to focus on the shuttle and Guy opted to attack. Lots of fancy flying by everyone. The shuttle didn't bob and weave but chose a diagonal home run making it to safety with 1 armor point left. My Ties were wiped out.
Game 2

Game 2 both the Tie and X wing coming close to flying off the play area.

Game 2 and the X wing and shuttle start there weaving.

Overall a great evening, using all the rules this time and everyone getting 2 games in 2 1/2 hours. Guy won the laurels with 2 victories, I next with 1 and Chris with a gallant 0.


  1. I do like the look of this game. The ships are a bit pricey though.

    1. The box game on Amazon is very reasonable. All the ships and cardboard cut outs you see in the pictures all came in the box. You may be right about extra ships costing a lot but you don't just get the model you also get extra cards for different characters and rules. I like the fact from opening the box, and this includes the expansion packs you good to play.