Monday, 31 August 2015

Conwy Wargames Club Napoleonic naval game

Having interviewed an eye witness I have written up this months club game and posted it on the club website  here:  Conwy Wargames Club Napoleonic naval game

No pictures unfortunately.

Aborted Star Wars Armada game

Unfortunately life got in the way for the players so I decided to duck out going to the club and catch up with the house renovations. Which to be honest was a relief, as the work here is going through a busy phase.

As an extra plus my fleet and counters and cards are all organised and boxed ready to go!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Next Star Wars Armada game

I'm putting on a Star Wars Armada game this Sunday for the Conwy Wargames Club. It will give me a chance to play with my birthday presents which is always good news. I just need to decide how many ships to play with. I expect 3 players and with myself 4. My fleet now totals:

1 x Gladiator class Star Destroyer
2 x Victory class Star Destroyers
7 x TIE squadrons
2 x TIE Advanced squadrons
2 x TIE Interceptor squadrons
2 x TIE bomber squadrons

1 x Assault frigate Mk2
2 x Nebulon B frigate
2 x CR90 Corvette
7 x X wing squadrons
2 x Y wing squadrons
2 x B wing squadrons
2 x A wing squadrons