Saturday, 24 January 2015

Conwy Wargames Club tomorrow

 First club meeting of 2015 tomorrow. 2 games are planned a good old dark age clash using Dux Bellorum and an X Wing dust up.

I'll be running the X Wing game, my first for the club. Apparently I'll have 4 players possibly more. I believe no one has played X Wing before so I'll keep it simple plus this could be the largest X Wing game I've done. I've decided to use 2 rookie X Wings and a prototype A wing facing 3 rookie Ties and the lowest skilled Tie Advanced. If I have just 4 players I'll play the A Wing. The scenario will take place sometime between the battle of Hoth and the battle of Endor. The X Wings mission is to protectthe A wing prototype, ideally destroying all witnesses to it's performance. The Imperials need to knock it out so it can be retrieved and studied.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Wargames Eyrie - progress

I have now tidied up the mess I made knocking 3 walls down. I am now waiting to find out how much plaster I need to knock off the walls in the hall way. In the mean time I can strip out old light fittings. The main focus will be the bathroom, because you don't want to walk far when your in a critical moment of a game and you gotta go, plus we need a more modern bathroom to survive. Gosh I miss a shower. Don't worry we still we still have washing facilities and critically a bath. We haven't moved and not washed for months!

The vision so far is that where the ceiling changes height I'd like to fit a display cabinet across the step in the ceiling. This could be supported by 2 display cases on either side of the hallway forming  a display like an upside down U.

Beyond the display case will be a desk or 2. This section will have the door covered up and will house the painting desk.

This section will have the door covered up and either a second desk or a storage for the lead/plastic mountain or both.

The view when I look up to relax the eyes from squinting trying  to paint buttons or buckles wishing the zip had been invented in the bronze age

The view towards the bathroom from my paint station

view towards the bathroom from the lead/plastic mountain/ drying area

Inside the bathroom. The door in the left will be blocked up

A hole. Depending on how big a tank I'll need this is the preferred side for the toilet and sink.

The preferred corner for the tank

L to R will hopefully be a tank, towel rail and shower.

What's in the hole?

A view of the partially covered up window in the 1st floor toilet from the 2nd floor bathroom

An old slate tank. This is big and needs a bit of thought to get out. 

The mess is travelling to new floors!

Monday, 12 January 2015

The temporary hobby home

I've posted lots of pictures of the future wargames rooms so I thought I'd share pictures of the temporary camp. There is no board(s) until the new rooms are done and my existing boards are not in the photos as they are split between my Mum's and an unused toilet not in shot. 

The lead/plastic pile 1. Although 1 shelf is the X wing collection.

Terrain and planes. To be honest mainly houses and trees.

The cardboard boxes hold more lead/plastic horde.

The painted forces ready to roll and conquer wherever they are needed! The irregular pattern formed by my uncontrollable urge to sort them by period and armies. 1st row on the right is Scifi, Pulp and post apocalypse. 2nd row against the wall from left to right  hold 20mm Korean War and WW2 , 25mm Sudan, 20mm Zulu War, 25mm Plains Indian Wars, 25mm Maximilian Adventure, 25mm Cowboys, 25mm Franco Prussian war, 15mm ACW, ACW River wars, 25mm Crimean War ( the start of a collection anyway), 25mm Napoleonic wars, 25mm AWI, 25mm French Indian Wars, 25mm 1745 Jacobite rebellion, 25mm 7 Years War,  25mm ECW, 15mm ECW, 25mm 17th Century Poles and Turks, 25mm WOR,  the start of 25mm French Italian wars armies, 25mm English Scots wars, 25mm Crusades, 25mm Norman conquest, 25mm Saxons, 25mm Vikings, 25mm mid and early Byzantines, 25mm early Ottomans, 25mm Late Romans, 25mm Imperial Romans, 25mm Republican Romans, 25mm Waring states Chinese, 25mm Celts, 25mm Alexandrian/Successor Greeks, 25mm Peloponnesian war Greeks, 25mm Classical Greeks, 25mm Hittites, 25mm Sea Peoples, 25mm Egyptians, 25mm Bronze Age European, 25mm Fantasy. Of course some of the 25mm is 28mm or larger. Hopefully I've remembered them all. I inherited quite a few of these and shockingly as a result there are a few I've never played with. My aim is to solve that first world wargaming issue!